DistrolleR World

Distroller World is a retail entertainment brand that exists to overwhelm the world with joy. We push the limits of imagination and creativity through unique experiences and storytelling that recognize the extraordinary in the ordinary. We develop brands and content that explore new frontiers of design, and imaginative play concepts that create and spread joy to the world for ages 0 to 102 (not to mention we really (really) like rainbows).

Good Vibeness

The Distroller World family of brands each create and spread joy to the world in their own ways. Chamoy & Amiguis celebrates the joy in friendship; Neonate Babies fosters the joy in care taking; and Chiquity Boom Town brings to life the joy in magic. But it's when all our brands come together that Distroller World truly beams with good vibeness!

The Artist Behind the Art

Distroller was founded in 2004 in Mexico City and is the brainchild of artist and entrepreneur Amparo "Amparin" Serrano. As an artist, one of her greatest joys in life is bringing joy to others through her disruptive and innovative style of art. Distroller World is Amaprin's vision for a world overflowing with joy – where all "species" are welcome, where fun is the only required course of action, and that you stay on this course forever and ever.

What's in a name?

Distroller (dist-ro-yer) World embraces our visoin of a world overwhelmed with joy. In our pursuit we aim to "destroy" any perceived limitations.

Neonate baby

| ne·o·nate ba·by | noun (pl. Neonate Babies)

A Neonate Baby is a newborn baby that arrives to earth in a space capsule from the planet Neonatopia in search of love and care from human children. Just like babies on earth, Neonate Babies arrive in various sizes, personalities, and species with different age stages of development. Since Neonatopia’s atmosphere is different than ours, they are kept in their incubators until they can acclimate to the earth’s climate. Distroller World takes great pride in finding children who want to adopt and care for one (or all) of the many delicate Neonate Babies that have arrived on earth.


The Neonate Babies’ mission is to promote joy through engagement, emotion, imagination, and play; where a child is empowered to create his or her own adventure.

We now invite you to experience Distroller World. But watch out!

Being boring is forbidden!

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